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How Do I Prepare For A Chimney Cleaning Service?

You have booked a chimney sweep service, but are you not sure what to do next? Are you asking yourself “How Do I Prepare For A Chimney Cleaning Service?” Firstly, let us assure you that we take great care when we do your service to ensure that we leave your home in as clean a […]

Do you own a Rental Property with a Wood Heater?

If you own a rental property with a wood heater, here is why your wood heater flue should be swept every 12 months. 1  You should have it swept every year because you have no idea what type of wood your tenant has been burning in your wood heater.2  Also because you have no idea […]

5 Quick Fireplace Safety Tips

What better way is there, than to spend your winter nights with family, snuggled up in front of your open fireplace! It sounds perfect, but it can also come with some dangers. A fireplace that is not regularly maintained, or is showing signs of age, can pose a potential house fire risk. Stay safe by […]