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Open Fireplace Chimney Cleaning

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What happens on the day of Open Fireplace Chimney Cleaning?

  1. I take great care in enclosing your fireplace and cover your flooring with drop sheets before I start the chimney sweep process.
    This keeps soot and grime from your chimney contained, so it doesn’t spread throughout your home.My process means it is trapped within your Fireplace to minimise mess and  for easy collection.
  2. I then get up on your roof and start sweeping your chimney.
  3. I will now come down from the chimney and push my brushes up the chimney to ensure I remove as much creosote ash and soot as possible.
  4. I will now vacuum out your chimney to ensure that I get out as much creosote ash and soot as possible
  5. I will also vacuum around the fireplace to ensure all soot is collected and your fireplace is left cleaner than I found it.

Open Fireplace Chimney Cleaning – Things you need to do before I arrive.

  • Remove All items off the mantel shelf

  • Remove rugs from directly in front of the fireplace

  • Remove any furniture directly in front of the fireplace


If your open fireplace has NEVER been cleaned or it has been between 8 TO 20 Years since it was cleaned, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU COVER YOUR FURNITURE with drop sheets.

When you use seasoned hardwood, Open Fireplace Chimneys should be swept every 4-5 years.

Burning wood releases a highly flammable material known as creosotes which if allowed to build up inside the chimney flue can lead to chimney fires.

There are many house fires in Queensland every winter and it is essential that you get your Chimney or Flue swept regularly.

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