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Burning wood releases a highly flammable material known as creosotes which if allowed to build up inside the chimney flue can lead to chimney fires.

There are many house fires in Queensland every winter and it is essential that you get your Chimney or Flue swept regularly.

When you use seasoned hardwood, wood heater flues only need to be swept every 2 years.

When you use seasoned hardwood, Open Fireplace Chimneys should be swept every 4-5 years.

I am a Home Owner

This is WHY you should get your Wood Heater & Open Fireplace Chimney Swept In Spring to Summer?

A Chimney Sweep aids in the prevention of chimney fires and reduces the risk of dangerous fume emissions caused by blocked flues and chimneys.

1. In case you didn’t realise, burning wood releases a highly flammable material known has creosotes which, if allowed to build up inside the chimney flue, can lead to chimney fires.

2. One in four wood heater flues I clean are broken and require repair.

ATTENTION In winter you could have to wait up to 6 weeks to have your wood heater repaired.

3. During Winter the demand for my chimney cleaning service is HUGE.


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