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In Australia, your wood heater can be called many different names. Some of the most common names for your wood heater are log burner, slow combustion wood heater, wood burner, wood stove, pot belly.

It does not matter what you call your wood heater

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What happens on the day of Wood Heater Chimney Cleaning?

  1. I take great care in enclosing your fireplace and cover your flooring with drop sheets before I start the chimney sweep process. This keeps soot and grime from the flue contained, so it doesn’t spread throughout your home. My process means it is trapped within your wood heater to minimise mess and for easy collection.
  2. I will now remove the baffle plate or bricks from your wood heater. (The baffle plate is a plate in the top of your wood that reflects heat back into the wood heater)
  3. I then get up on your roof and remove the cowl or (little hat) from your chimney.
  4. I then sweep your chimney flues
  5. I will then give your cowl a brush to remove excess soot and creosote.
  6. I will then re attach the cowl and will also replace the screws in the cowl.
  7. I will then come down off the roof and clean out all the ash and creosote from your wood heater which has been removed from chimney flue.
  8. I will now clean the door glass and replace the baffle plate.
  9. I also vacuum around fireplace to ensure all soot is collected and your fireplace is left cleaner than I found it.

My chimney sweep services will ensure that your chimneys operate Safer, More efficiently & Cleaner.

When you use seasoned hardwood, wood heater flues only need to be swept every 2 years.

Wood Heater Brands We Clean

Chimney Sweep Scotty are proud to service the following Wood Heater Brands plus many more …