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Why do I need a Chimney Sweep?

There Are Four Main Reasons Why You Should Get Your Chimney Swept Regularly.

The main reason is to help avoid chimney fires.

In case you didn’t realise, burning wood releases a highly flammable material known has creosotes which, if allowed to build up inside the chimney flue, can lead to chimney fires.

Chimney or flue fires can cause property damage, which will need to be repaired and replaced.

It can also damage the flue or chimney itself. In the worst case, you could lose your home.

The second reason is to protect you and your family’s health.

Did you know that breathing in the fumes from gas or wood fires can cause serious damage to your health?

Even worse, is the worse cases can prove fatal !

Having your chimney swept regularly will help ensure that the flue or chimney is sufficiently clear to allow the dangerous fumes to escape safely out of the chimney or flue.

The third reason is to avoid smoke damage.

Every time your fire is lit and used, soot will accumulate up the length of the chimney or flue.

Eventually, this build-up will decrease the interior width of the flue or chimney, which in turn, will reduce the amount of smoke that can be drawn upwards.

If the chimney or flue does not have enough pull, smoke will be allowed to enter into the room, not only causing irritation to you, your family, and pets, but can also blacken your fireplace, and the surrounding areas.

The accumulated creosote also corrodes the flues, meaning you will need them replaced sooner.

The fourth reason is flue damage due to a fire in the chimney

Another reason why you should get your wood heater chimney flue Swept and inspected every 12 months is if your wood heater chimney flue has had a chimney FIRE.  It can often split the chimney flue and it is likely that your tenant is unaware or will not tell you.

How often should I get my Chimney swept?

It is recommended by wood heater manufacturers that you should only burn seasoned hardwood in your wood heater.

** Seasoned hardwood is a hard wood that has been drying out for 1-2 years**

Wood Heater Flues 

These should be Chimney swept every 1- 2 years in Queensland.

Open Fireplace Chimney’s

These should be Chimney swept every 4- 5 years in Queensland.

Other Factors That Determine How Often You Need to Get Your Wood Heater Flue or Chimney Swept.

The factors listed below could cause creosote to build up quicker in your chimney flue.

  • Burning Wet Wood Or Timber
  • Burning Green Timber
  • Not Burning Seasoned Hard Wood.
  • Not Allowing Wood Heater To Get Hot

Your Wood Heater Needs To Run For At Least 45 Minutes On Full Air.

If you restrict airflow to your wood heater before this time, your wood heater may not be up to heat and this can cause the fire in your wood heater to struggle to breathe and stay alight.

Your wood heater will now start producing excess smoke which is not ideal. This smoke can form a sticky tar-like creosote, which coats the internal flue and can restrict airflow which can result in blocking your wood heater flue and even cause chimney fires!

This can happen over a short amount of time!

What about the mess?

There is no need to worry!

I take every precaution to ensure that the soot, creosote, and grim stay in your wood heater and fireplace and are not spread through your house, I promise I will leave your fireplace cleaner than I found it.

Open Fireplace Chimneys should be
cleaned every 3 years in investment properties.

home owner wood heater

Wood Heater Chimney Flues
should be cleaned every 12 months in investment properties.

Preventing Flue and Chimney Fires

Burning wood releases a highly flammable material known as creosotes which if allowed to build up inside the chimney flue can lead to chimney fires.

There are many house fires in Queensland every winter and it is
essential that you get your Chimney or Flue swept regularly.

Steps you can take to help prevent house fires caused by unsafe chimneys and flues.

  1. When moving into a new home with a fireplace, it is essential that you get your chimney flue inspected to checked, making sure that it is clean and safe to use.
  2. Get your chimney swept regularly
  3. Do Not Burn Wet Timber And Wood
  4. Do Not Burn Green Timber And Wood
  5. If you are do not Burn Hardwood

The smoke from burning the above types of wood can form a sticky tar, like creosote, that coats the internal flue. This type of creosote can start to build up and restrict airflow inside the flue, which can end up completely blocking your wood heater flue or even causing chimney fires.

How much does a chimney or flue sweep cost?

My fee for cleaning your wood heater flu or open fireplace chimney varies depending on a lot of factors, like where you are located, how dirty your flue or chimney is etc.

Do you offer a free quote?

Yes, I offer free quotes. Phone Scott on 0490 169 510.

How do I book a service?

Booking is quick and easy.

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What areas does Chimney Sweep Scotty service?

We service all locations around the following areas:

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