Chimney Sweep Scotty

Maintenance and Repairs for Your Wood Heater

Our number one priority is to keep you and your loved ones safe with woodheater repairs and maintenance.

Book now to schedule a site visit:​

Minimise your risk by taking advantage of our wood heater maintenance and repair service.  While I am onsite cleaning your chimney, I can answer any questions and fix any of those small or large wood heater issues.  Call us today to book in a site visit.  I’m looking forward to looking after you.

Onsite Woodheater Repair Services

We are happy to look after your heater while we are sweeping your chimney and flues or give us a call and we can come especially. Our onsite repair services include:

  • Cowl or hat Replacement.
  • Chimney roof leak repair.
  • Wood heater door rope replacement.
  • Firebrick replacement.
  • Bird and possum proofing flues and chimneys.

Offsite Woodheater Repair and Maintenance Services

(wood heater doors and baffle plates are taken away for repairs)

Baffle Plate Replacement

Wood Heater Doors

  • Repair broken glass
  • Replace glass retainers in doors
  • Replace glass seals
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