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If you own a rental property with a wood heater, here is why your wood heater flue should be swept every 12 months.

1  You should have it swept every year because you have no idea what type of wood your tenant has been burning in your wood heater.
2  Also because you have no idea if the wood your tenant has been burning in wood heater is wet.

Why does this make a difference? Here is why:

If wood being burnt in wood heater is not thoroughly dry, seasoned hardwood, it can cause high amounts of creosote and ash to build up in the wood heater chimney flue which can lead to a possible chimney fire.

Another reason why your wood heater should be swept every 12 months is if your chimney flue has had a chimney fire and your tenant has not told you about it.

As part of my chimney sweep service, I inspect all chimney flues and make sure they are in good working condition, and check the flues have not split which is common if there has been a fire in the chimney flue.

Open Fireplace Chimneys should be
cleaned every 3 years.

home owner wood heater

Wood Heater Chimney Flues
should be cleaned every 12 months.

If your wood heater flue or chimney in your rental property has not been inspected and cleaned in some time, contact Chimney Sweep Scotty to make a booking or ask any questions.