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You have booked a chimney sweep service, but are you not sure what to do next? Are you asking yourself “How Do I Prepare For A Chimney Cleaning Service?”

Firstly, let us assure you that we take great care when we do your service to ensure that we leave your home in as clean a condition as when we arrive.

But what about the soot and dust? There is no need to worry! We will prepare the area to keep soot and dust to a minimum and will cover your furniture with drop sheets before we start.

Once the service is completed, we will vacuum around your fireplace or wood heater to ensure all soot is collected.

In saying all this, there are some things that we recommend you do before your chimney cleaning service.

  1. Make sure your fireplace is cool.

    Please don’t light your fireplace or wood heater for 24 to 48 hours before your chimney sweep service to allow sufficient time for it to cool to a temperature that is safe to work with.

  2. Remove cooled ash or unburnt logs

    If you would like to keep any ash, soot for your gardens, or unburnt logs for later use, feel free to remove them before we come, otherwise, we will happily remove it when we arrive.

  3. Remove ornaments, framed pictures etc

    In the case of an open fireplace, remove ornaments, or photo frames etc from the mantle that may be accidentally knocked and damaged.

  4. Move anything blocking the chimney or flue

    To allow easy access for the chimney sweep, please remove or move away any furniture, rugs, mats, grates or toys etc that may be blocking or restricting access to your wood heater or open fireplace.

If you have any questions or require more information before your chimney sweep, please contact us.

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